15 Random Things about Brooke

1. First job was at McDonalds, also managed American Eagle and worked in a bank before getting started in radio.

2. I have 2 cats!

3. I have no idea what my natural hair color is… And neither does my family!

4. LOVE coffee!

5. I wrote a children’s book, never had it published.

6. I have a gamer tag and play Minecraft/Mineplex online.

7. I stink at technology.

8. I get tongue twisted when I get excited about something!

9. I paint wall murals. Favorite characters for kids bedrooms or football favorites in basements and garages.

10. I leave my tea bags in the sink.

11. I have a Flip Flop problem.

12. I won a Maxim contest in my single, before baby body days!

13. I wear a headband almost EVERY day!

14. Popcorn is my favorite food!

15. Did I say I LOVE COFFEE?